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Compound determination

1.      Determination of heavy metals in some Iranian herbal drugs (Completed by Dr. Naghibiet al.)

2.      Post marketing survey of some Iranian herbal drugs (Completed by Dr. Naghibiet al.)

3.      Standardization of royal jelly and propolis produced by Iranian bees (Completed by Dr. Honariet al.)

4.      Determination of Glycirithenic Acid in liquorice extract by HPLC (Completed by Dr. Naghibiet al.)

5.      Standardization of Valeriana officinalis by HPLC and comparison between some local and international products (Completed by Dr. Naghibiet al.)

6.      Purification and standardization of Apigenin from Maticaria (Completed by Dr. Esmaeiliet al.)

7.      Determination of partenolid in feverfew and its pharmaceutical products by HPTLC (Completed by Dr. Naghibiet al.)

8.      Determination of Lutelin in Dracocephalum kotschyi by HPLC (Completed by Dr. Mosaddeghet al.)

9.      Investigation of purity of commercial cineole (Completed by Dr. Honariet al.)


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